If you're wondering who I am and what I do then read on... 

As a proud tree hugger I celebrate my tree friends by creating shimmering tree portraits that resemble early forms of photography such as daguerreotypes. When I spend time in nature I am captivated by the way light shimmers through the tree canopy and how sunshine glows through a leaf.  I bring these beautiful qualities of light into my work by layering my photographs over metal leaf.  The metallic backgrounds glow and change according to light conditions lending the images an ephemeral quality.


While I love the physical form of trees it is their symbolic meanings that inspire me most. As I wander outside with my camera I am drawn to solitary trees found on land once covered by forests, now growing amidst farmed fields or in an urban park. These lone trees resonate energies such as determination, shelter and resilience. My encounters with them leave me feeling calm and hopeful. Back in the studio I sift through my images and choose the ones that best capture a tree’s beauty and its signature energy.

I photograph a wide variety of trees, newly planted, mature beauties both in the city and out in the country. If you have a favourite tree you'd like to commission a portrait of just contact me and we can make it happen.


Allow me to introduce you to #henrythetreedog ! It’s thanks to him that I discovered my passion for trees and began my ongoing series of tree portraits. I adopted Henry almost 10 years ago from ORA (Organization for the Rescue of Animals) I’d never had a dog before so I had no idea how much time I would spend walking outside. Over time, walking with Henry, I began to discover my neighbourhood. Previously, I hadn’t noticed the trees on the city streets, but the more I walked, the more I noticed them and their presence began to resonate with me. Since I was often walking when there weren’t very many people on the streets, the trees became my companions. I felt compelled to document my new tree friends and built up a collection of photographs.

If you want to learn more about my exhibition history and publications check out my Curriculum Vitae 

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