Do you yearn to have the quiet beauty of trees in your home but don’t have a back yard space or the urge to learn how to bonsai? Do you love trees but don’t feel inspired by the generic tree photographs piled up in home decor sale bins?

If so then I have the perfect art for you!

I’m a fine art photographer and I create radiant tree portraits. What do I mean by radiant? Think of light shimmering through a tree canopy or the glow of sunshine through a leaf. I emulate these qualities by combining my photographs with metal leaf, a unique process best described as digital photography with a vintage twist. The gold, silver and copper metallic backgrounds shimmer and change according to the light conditions and resemble early photographic processes such as daguerreotypes and tintypes.

And the best news is that studies have found you can relieve stress and feel calmer just by looking at images of trees! If you’re ready to bring some shimmering tree-themed art into your home head over to my Shop and bring the refreshing energy of trees into your home.

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