A Hidden Gem

Spring has arrived and despite the rain and cold temperatures the trees are blooming.  I've been wandering around my neighbourhood with Henry #thetreedog photographing tree blossoms.  There is so much beauty to feast my eyes on: luscious magnolia flowers, delicate yoshino cherry blossoms and a charming, small cherry tree with multiple petals. 

This cherry tree is growing beside a fence, next to some rubbish bins and held up by a bungee cord.  Not the most auspicious setting, but when I returned to photograph it again yesterday I found out more about its origin and age.  I was so entranced by all the beautiful little blossoms that I didn't notice a man standing near me in the back lane.  As I turned he spoke and told me that he rescued this tree from beside the railroad tracks 25 years ago!  He also noted that he's been asked by neighbours to cut it down because it's right next to the lane.  I shared my dismay that anyone would want to harm this hidden gem and told him that as an artist I vote for this tree to remain as it is, flourishing and growing under his loving care. 

I hope to keep photographing it for many years to come and I've already started creating some artwork featuring the lovely multi-petaled blossoms.  These new pieces will be included in my exhibit at the Riverdale ArtWalk, June 3 & 4, 2023. 

Pink, multi petalled cherry blossoms

Here's a close up of the gorgeous blossoms of the hidden gem

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