A Dream Come True

A couple of years ago I visited the Riverdale ArtWalk for the first time.  I went to both enjoy amazing artwork and do some research.  My visit was fruitful; I bought a lovely hummingbird portrait by Felicity Somerset and learnt a lot about how to display artwork in a tent.  In addition to the feeling of enjoyment at being outside in the company of so many artists I also felt a sense of longing.   As I looked at the art displays my longing turned into a wish that someday I too would be an artist who has the talent, confidence and determination to apply to and be accepted into outdoor art shows such as Riverdale ArtWalk and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. 
And yes, that wish, that dream has come true!  As you know since then I’ve exhibited in several outdoor art fairs, but to be participating in the upcoming Riverdale ArtWalk is truly special because it is where my dream began.  What is even more wonderful is that until just last week due to City of Toronto restrictions the ArtWalk was online only.  I’m happy to announce that on August 21/22, at Jimmie Simpson Park in Leslieville Toronto, I, along with many other artists are stepping out into the real world, setting up our tents and displays and offering our art for you!

Save the Date!- August Saturday 21,  Sunday 22- Time to Buy Art!

11am to 6pm
Jimmie Simpson Park
870 Queen St E, Toronto ON M4M 3G9
August 20 - September 3

Thank you for your support and interest in my work.
Wishing you and your loved ones a pleasant August

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