148th OSA Open Juried Virtual Exhibition May 10-30, 2021

Looking for the best art that Canada has to offer?

Fire up your computer and head your cursor over to https://ontariosocietyofartists.org/category/exhibitions/ for a view of 51 amazing artists from across the country.  OSA has created a wonderful virtual exhibit experience using the Kunstmatrix platform

The Ontario Society of Artists is the longest continuous art society in Canada. It's pretty amazing to have my art in the same group that fostered artists like Tom Thompson and Doris McCarthy.

I'm proud to have my work, " Sheltering Elm Tree", ($230 framed) in the 148th Open Juried Exhibit, online from May 10-30. If you would like to add this shimmering artwork to your collection you can do so directly on my site

You can also check out the exhibition catalogue here

Here's what Sheltering Elm could look like in your home!
(check out Artrooms for a great app that shows you artwork in situ)

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