A Tree Introduction

Have you heard of Abbey’s Goal? I was introduced to this amazing charity by the trees!

Throughout the lockdown period this spring I continued to go on neighbourhood walks with my dog Henry. Looking back, I recall enjoying both the birdsong (normally drowned out by cars) and the trees, especially trees that had rainbow ribbons wrapped around their trunks. I loved seeing these colourful ribbons, they cheered me up and gave me something to look for on our walks. I mentioned them to my sweetheart and he checked online and found out that the ribbons were the work of the charity Abbey’s Goal.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, Abbey’s Goal was proud to initiate a Rainbow Revolution, handing out over 1000 DIY rainbow tree kits for a donation to The Stop Community Food Centre. The rainbow trees offered gratitude to frontline workers, hope to communities and raised $20,000 for The Stop.”

Past Events: Rainbow Revolutions – https://www.abbeysgoal.com/events-and-photos

Abbey's Tulip Tree, 2020, ink jet print on transparent film, aluminum leaf mounted on wood

After learning about Abbey, her incredible spirit and the charity set up in her honour I decided to create a series of rainbow ribbon tree portraits. I included these portraits in the Toronto Online Art Fair and donated 10% of the sales to Abbey’s Goal.

Supportive Maple Tree 2020, ink jet print on transparent film, aluminum leaf mounted on wood

Supportive Maple Tree, Spread Joy Maple Tree , Rainbow Honey Locust Tree and Rainbow Tree by subway bridge from this series are still available and I will continue to donate 10% of the sales to Abbey's Goal.

If you would like to support Abbey’s Goal too please consider helping out with Abbey’s Birthday Toy Drive. In honour of Abbey's 12th birthday her family is accepting toy donations for Ernestine’s Shelter. You can drop off new, unwrapped toys, Sunday November 29 at 36 Ludstone Dr between 12-4, rain or shine. More details on instagram @abbeysgoal

You can learn more about Abbey's Goal and the Rainbow Revolution via the Random Acts of Canadian feature here