Have you Hugged a Tree Today?
Hugging a tree is only one of the many ways you show your appreciation for trees.  You’re proud to be called a Tree Hugger and if you live in a city you’ve come to appreciate the street trees that live amongst us.  You love the way that street trees brighten up the city and bring colour and life to all the concrete.  Isn’t it amazing how tree branches and leaves cast shadows that add beautiful patterns to their surroundings?  Even if you know your day is going to be hectic you can’t resist admiring the spring tree blossoms as you walk your dog or pop into your local bakery to pick up bread.  When your busy schedule permits, you make a point of escaping the city to re-connect with nature and maybe even go forest bathing.   Returning to the city can be painful but the treasured memories of your time away are kept fresh by your contact with the trees that make up the urban forest. 
Do you yearn to have the quiet beauty of trees in your home but don’t have a back yard space or the urge to learn how to bonsai?  Do you love trees but don’t feel inspired by the generic tree photographs piled up in home decor sale bins?  
If this sounds like you then read on!
I’m Nicola Woods and I create radiant tree portraits.  What do I mean by radiant?  Think of light shimmering through a tree canopy or the glow of sunshine through a leaf.  I emulate these qualities by combining my photographs with metal leaf.
Digital photography with a vintage twist!
I print my photographs onto transparent film and this allows the metal leaf to shine through the image.  The gold, silver and copper metallic backgrounds shimmer and change according to the light conditions and look a lot like early photographic processes such as daguerreotypes and tintypes.  Are you familiar with other trends in historic photography? I add another splash of vintage by rendering the trees in colour and the surrounding streetscapes in black and white a technique that results in a digital version of the hand coloured photograph.   

I photograph a wide variety of trees, newly planted, mature beauties both in the city and out in the country.  If you have a favourite tree you'd like to commission a portrait of just contact me and we can make it happen.